Turmeric Compounds Help Suppress White Fat's Dangerous Activity

Overweight Man

The type of fat found in patients with obesity is particularly dangerous to health. White adipose tissue (WAT), or white fat, actively causes inflammation. The chronic inflammation of obesity is fertile ground for metabolic syndrome diseases. (vii.2, 40)

How Can Turmeric Help?

Turmeric helps prevent and reduce chronic inflammation by blocking the proteins that cause it. In particular, natural compounds in turmeric block two of the main transcription factor proteins involved in inflammation and metabolic syndrome. (vii.1)

Table VII.4: NF-κB Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome
What Activates NF-κB?
Effects on Metabolic Syndrome
What Turns NF-κB Off?

Diabetes drugs, insulin, adiponectin, and some natural compounds all suppress NF-κB. (vii.1, 22)

Table VII.5: TNF-α Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome
What Activates TNF-α?

Fat cells are prompted to secrete TNF-α under certain conditions, including: (vii.1, 2)

Effects on Metabolic Syndrome

TNF-α also makes pre-adipocytes in fat tissue behave like inflammatory macrophages. (vii.43)

What Turns TNF-α Off?

Diabetes drugs (such as metformin and rosiglitazone), adiponectin, and natural substances such as alpha-lipoic acid and some turmeric compounds all suppress TNF-α. (vii.1, 41)

C-Reactive Protein (CRP)

Some of turmeric's compounds also reduce c-reactive protein (CRP), a protein produced by the liver if there's inflammation in the body. Highly sensitive tests conducted to measure levels of CRP are used to predict risk of heart disease. Reducing CRP prevents overproduction of endothelial adhesion molecules that cause: (vii.31, 44)

Clogged Artery
Table VII.6: Turmeric Compounds Block Inflammatory Factors Involved in Metabolic Syndrome
Turmeric Compounds
Effect NF-κB TNF-α ↓ CRP
1,8-cineole (vii.29, 45)    
Alpha-linolenic acid (vii.2, 18, 22, 46)
Alpha-terpineol (vii.20, 45)  
Beta-sitosterol (vii.22, 29)  
Borneol  (vii.20, 45, 47)  
Caffeic acid  (vii.20, 48-50)  
Curcumin (vii.21, 49, 51-53)
Eugenol (vii.20-21, 26)  
Ferulic acid (vii.47, 54)    
Fisetin (vii.25, 55)  
Geraniol (vii.45, 56)  
Limonene (vii.20, 45)  
Myricetin (vii.25, 57)    
Niacin (vii.29, 58-59)
Quercetin (vii.25-26, 50)  
Resveratrol (vii.24, 27, 49, 60)  
Vitamin C (vii.29, 50, 61)  
Vitamin E (vii.29, 50, 61)  
Results are given as levels of hs-CRP. (vii.44)
Referred to as endothelial cells. (vii.31)
Nuclear factor-kappa B. (vii.1)
Tumor necrosis factor-alpha. (vii.1)

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