Turmeric Provides Natural Pest, Fungal, and Plant Bacteria Control

Turmeric and its compounds are natural pesticides and insecticides.

Are you looking for more natural ways to control disease-causing pests and microbes in your garden and home? With the threat to bee populations from commercial pesticides, effective organic insecticides would be a viable alternative. (xii.34)

Turmeric stands out as the perfect herbal choice in pest management. In countries as diverse as Pakistan and the United States, people have used turmeric to control pests and preserve food for decades. (xii.25-7)

Effective Insecticidal and Antifungal Compounds in Turmeric

By itself or combined with other natural ingredients, studies show turmeric is a natural insect repellent, fungicide, and bactericide. Essential turmeric oils (from turmeric leaves and rhizome), turmeric extracts, and powdered turmeric contain compounds that are effective insecticides. They work against a variety of bugs that commonly bite humans, infest stored foods such as rice and flour, and attack garden plants and farm crops(xii.89)

These compounds include:

Research suggests turmeric oil could also prevent fungal contamination of corn crops. (xii.42)

Lesser grain borers, rice weevils, and red flour beetles. (xii.8-9)
Tribolium castaneum. (xii.3)
Also known as the tobacco cutworm (Spodoptera litura). (xii.3)
Spilosoma obliqua. (xii.3)
Plutella xylostella. (xii.3)
Dysdercus koenigii. (xii.3)
Tribolium castaneum(xii.3)
Rhizoctonia solani(xii.3)
Ostrinia nubilalis. (xii.3)
Specifically, the German cockroach (Blattella germanica)(xii.3)
Musca domestica(xii.3)
Sitophilus granarius(xii.3)

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