Infectious Diseases

Bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses are all around us. Some are beneficial or at least cause no harm. Others, however, can cause infections that range from mildly irritating to deadly.

Can Turmeric Naturally Fight Bacterial, Viral, and Fungal Infections?

Find out how turmeric's antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties could help prevent and treat different types of infections. (v.4-5)

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Turmeric Can Help Control Hospital Infections

Patients in hospitals and clinics are at higher risk of infection. How can turmeric help lower those risks? (v.2635-38)

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Medical and Food Industries Put Turmeric's Antibacterial Properties to Good Use

Big industries think turmeric has valuable antibacterial properties. What do they know that we don't? (v.40-42)

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Turmeric Could Help Prevent and Treat Bird and Swine Flu Naturally

Experts are alarmed about bird and swine flu, but they think turmeric could help. (v.45-48)

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Combined with Phototherapy in the Dental Office

Can turmeric help prevent bacterial infections in the mouth naturally?

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Herbal Treatment for Staph, MRSA, & Toxic Shock Syndrome

Lab, animal, and clinical studies suggest turmeric can help stop potentially deadly staph infections. (v.825132)

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Can Turmeric Prevent and Treat Malaria?

Learn how turmeric's potent mosquito repellent and anti-inflammatory properties could help fight dangerous malaria. (v.6)

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Herbal Help for AIDS

Studies suggest turmeric and its compounds could help slow the progression of HIV infection while relieving symptoms. (v.14)

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Herbal Help for Ebola

As the world struggles to contain and find drugs to treat or prevent Ebola infection, there might be a spicy solution right in front of us. Research suggests compounds in turmeric and turmeric compounds may be able to inhibit Ebola infection. (v.231240)

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Beating TB With Turmeric Compounds

How can turmeric compounds improve clinical outcomes of TB? (v.177)

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Microbes that Turmeric Attacks

A quick reference list of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites turmeric shows activity against.

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  • Food Poisoning
    Article Count:
    Food borne illnesses are caused by bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. What are the symptoms and risk factors? How can turmeric compounds help? 
  • Antifungal Effects
    Article Count:
    Did you know that fungi can cause both skin and system infections? Some can even cause cancer. Find out more about turmeric's antifungal effects and how turmeric can help prevent or treat fungal infections. 
  • Respiratory Infections
    Article Count:
    Natural herbal help for upper respiratory tract infections with turmeric, turmeric extract, turmeric oil, and the many antioxidants in turmeric.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
    Article Count:
    Can turmeric help treat STDs?

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