Almost half of men over 45 years of age have an enlarged prostate.

Turmeric Supports Prostate Health

The prostate is a small reproductive gland in males. In adult men, the prostate is normally the size of a walnut. (x.105)

An enlarged prostate is a common finding in many (almost 50%) of men over age 45. Technically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, prostate enlargement is thought to be caused by changing hormone levels associated with aging(x.105)

Causes of BPH

Low testosterone levels are not the only cause BPH. More importantly it's an imbalance of testosterone, DHT, and estrogen hormones that can lead to prostate enlargement. Although BPH may not initially cause symptoms, as the normally walnut-sized gland grows it presses on the urethra and kidneys(x.105)

The result is increased, but less effective, urination. If the prostate grows even larger, the bladder may not be able to empty itself which can cause more serious problems such as kidney and bladder infections(x.105)

How Can Turmeric Help BPH?

The good news is that turmeric and its compounds could help keep hormones in balance naturally. In fact, turmeric may even be safer than conventional drugs for BPH. (x.32108)

Conventional treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia includes 1 mg/day of finasteride. Unfortunately the synthetic enzyme blocker also comes with the potential for serious negative side effects, including: (x.108)

  • Breast growth in men
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Male fertility issues
  • Pain

A Safe Alternative to Finasteride?

Research suggests that crude extracts of turmeric can help balance DHT levels by inhibiting 5α-reductase. This is the same way that drugs used to treat conditions caused by too much DHT (such as finasteride) work. (x.108)

A recent study determined that every gram of turmeric can block the same amount of 5α-reductase as almost 14 mg of finasteride. Since finasteride is normally prescribed in doses of 1-5 mg/day, turmeric could certainly be a safer, natural alternative for treating DHT-related conditions. (x.108)

Turmeric's curcumin compounds also inhibit 5α-reductase. In addition, research suggests that turmeric's borneol and camphor compounds may be useful in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. (x.3188109-110)

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