Increase Bioavailability in Food

Microencapsulated curcumin enriched bread

Using microencapsulated curcumin as an ingredient in foods dramatically increases its bioavailability. As part of a clinical trial conducted by scientists from Italy and Israel, participants were fed two kinds of bread baked with curcumin. One of the breads used regular curcumin and the other had encapsulated curcumin. Blood tests showed the encapsulated curcumin raised blood levels of curcumin and its metabolites much more than regular curcumin. (i.54-55)

It appears that microencapsulating curcumin slows down how quickly our bodies digest and convert curcumin into its metabolites. This could make more of the potent parent form available for a longer time to organs outside the gastrointestinal tract. Clinical trials are still ongoing. Some of these studies include testing encapsulated curcumin combined with piperine(i.54-55)

Curcumin-Infused Dietary Fiber

Another way to increase bioavailability would be to add fiber infused with curcumin to recipes. Fenugreek seeds are high in fiber, and dietary fiber powder made from them works well with soups, smoothies, pizza dough, cakes, and bread(i.135136)

Curcumin formed with dietary fiber from fenugreek significantly increases its bioavailability. In a clinical study, the combination was given as an oral supplement. Results showed that absorption of curcumin was increased by close to 16%. (i.135136)

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