Fight Lung Cancer with the Antitumor Effects of Turmeric

Research suggests turmeric compounds could help fight lung cancer.

Cancer in the lungs is one of the most common types of cancer worldwide. It's also a leading cause of death related to cancer. (vi.181)

So what can be done? Research suggests that turmeric and its compounds may be able to help prevent lung cancer. Turmeric's powerful curcumin pigments could even improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy, or act as a second line of therapy. (vi.1791345-347)

Types of Lung Cancer and Difficulties Treating

There are different types of cancer that affect the lung and the sacs that surrounding them, such as pleural mesothelioma and non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Some types of thoracic cancers are more aggressive than others, and they can develop resistance to conventional treatments. (vi.181345346)

Different forms within these aggressive types also don't respond well to treatment. Some examples of this include:

  • NSCLC with certain gene mutations, which is resistant to the chemotherapy drug gefitinib. (vi.345)
  • Drug resistant malignant pleural mesothelioma, which doesn't respond to first line platinum-based chemotherapy drugs. (vi.346)

Early diagnosis of lung cancer is difficult since it's usually symptomless in the beginning. Although there have been advances in treatment for lung cancer, the long-term prognosis remains grim. Survival rates at 5 years after diagnosis are less than 15%. (vi.347)

How Turmeric Works Against Lung Cancer

Research suggests turmeric and its natural compounds and nutrients can have beneficial preventive and therapeutic effects against lung cancer. These include:

Turmeric's Phytochemical and Nutrient Effects in Lung Cancer
Turmeric Compound/Form Effects

Cinnamic acid (vi.74)

Question: How can cinnamic acid help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Studies suggest cinnamic acid can help stop the growth of lung adenocarcinoma cells. (vi.78)

Curcumin (vi.74)

Question: How can curcumin help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Research indicates curcumin has a number of effects that may help fight lung cancer. These include:

  • Curcumin blocks cancer-promoting DNA damage. Population studies suggest there's an increased risk of lung cancer and acrylamides. In an animal study, oral curcumin reduced evidence of DNA breaks caused by acrylamides formed when starchy foods (such as potatoes and bread) are fried in oil at high temperatures. (vi.189)
  • Curcumin inhibits the development of lung tumors following exposure to toxic chemicals (e.g., pesticides, dioxins, asbestos), with and without resveratrol(vi.221346348)
  • Curcumin increases cancer cell susceptibility to treatment. (vi.181)
  • Curcumin promotes tumor suppressors in mesothelioma and lung cancer. (vi.346)
  • Curcumin boosts levels of natural antioxidants and free radicals from radiation(vi.349)
  • Curcumin suppresses cancer-promoting transcription factor proteins, including those found in 50% of lung cancers. (vi.2275346350)
  • Curcumin inhibits lung metastasis from melanoma when combined with catechin flavonoids. (vi.351)
  • Curcumin reduces growth of mesothelioma in lab and animal studies. (vi.346)
  • Curcumin prevents lung damage and increases survival in mice treated with radiation. (vi.349)
  • cell cycle proteins. (vi.350)
  • Curcumin suppresses enzymes that promote cancer growth and metastasis(vi.351352)
  • When combined with sulfinosine chemotherapy, curcumin inhibits MDR proteins that promote chemoresistance. (vi.181)
  • Curcumin down-regulates growth and epigenetic factors that promote chemoresistant NSCLC and metastasis(vi.346)

Farnesol (vi.110)

Question: Can farnesol help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Studies show farnesol has a number of effects that may help fight lung cancer, including:

Geraniol (vi.112)

Question: Can geraniol help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Geraniol has a number of effects that may help fight lung cancer, including:

Fisetin (vi.79)

Question: Can fisetin help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Fisetin activities that may help fight lung cancer include:

Limonene (vi.74)

Question: Can limonene help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Limonene activities that may help fight lung cancer include:

Myricetin (vi.79)

Question: How can myricetin help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Studies show myricetin has a number of effects that may help fight lung cancer. These include:

  • Myricetin suppresses the growth of lung cancer cells. (vi.194)
  • Myricetin is cytotoxic to lung cancer cells. (vi.194)

Quercetin (vi.79)

Question: How can quercetin help fight lung cancer?

Answer: In a prospective study involving 41,000 American women, quercetin intake was associated with lower risk of lung cancer. Both smokers and non-smokers who ate diets high in leafy green vegetables containing quercetin had significantly less incidence of lung cancer. (vi.250)

This population study is supported by research that shows quercetin has the following effects on factors that contribute to lung cancer:

Resveratrol (vi.83)

Question: How can resveratrol help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Studies show resveratrol has a number of effects that may help fight lung cancer. These include:

Turmeric and Turmeric Oil

Question: Can whole turmeric extract and turmeric oil help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Turmeric oil prevents growth of lung cancer cells. (vi.91)

In one clinical study, 1.5 g/day of turmeric for 30 days in 16 chronic smokers prevented formation and excretion of mutagens from carcinogens in cigarettes. (vi.17)

Vitamin C (vi.71)

Question: How can vitamin C help fight lung cancer?

Answer: Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that quenches DNA-damaging free radicals(vi.270)

How Turmeric Compound Stop Lung Cancer Cells

How Turmeric Compounds Stop Lung Cancer Cells (vi.2178191111140275346350-354)

Does Curcumin Increase the Risks from Lung Cancer?

In one animal study using female C57BL/6 mice, 2-4% dietary curcumin increased the size and volume of metastatic lung tumors. Interestingly, in males of the same species of mice, 5% dietary curcumin complexes reduced the size of implanted lung tumors. Curcumin also enhanced the effects of the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine in that study. And when combined with catechin, curcumin significantly reduced lung metastasis from melanoma in female C57BL/6 mice. (vi.351355356)

First responders that trigger gene activity. (vi.39)
Control switches for phases of the cell growth cycle. (vi.106)
Such as NF-κB, STAT-1, and STAT-3. (vi.2275346350)
Specifically, MMPs and fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) tyrosine kinases. (vi.351352)
Multidrug resistance. (vi.181)
Specifically, EGFR and miR-186. (vi.346)
Specifically, p21 and p27. (vi.78111)
Specifically, P21. (vi.111)
Including non-small cell lung cancer cells. (vi.140)
Such as survivin, an inhibitor of apoptosis type of cell death. (vi.140)

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