Help Avoid ED Naturally With Turmeric

There are a whole host of physical factors that play a role in male impotence.

Did you know that almost 20 million men experience recurrent or chronic erectile dysfunction (ED)? Impotence, or the failure to maintain an erection, is a common complaint — and not just among elderly men. In fact, aging in and of itself does not cause ED; it's the simultaneous occurrence of other (often avoidable) conditions. (x.105)

What Causes ED?

There are a whole host of physical factors that play a role in male impotence. The most common causes of chronic ED include: (x.105)

Psychological stress and anxiety also contribute to ED, especially non-chronic impotence. (x.105)

How Can Turmeric Help ED?

Turmeric and its compounds have lots of properties that studies show help improve blood flow — which doctors suggest can help prevent erectile dysfunction. (x.105113)

Some of the better known compounds in turmeric that can help keep arteries healthy and dilating properly include: (x.105113)

In an animal study, turmeric's curcumin compounds worked better and longer than doses of Viagra®. Both pure curcumin and a water-soluble version of the turmeric compound significantly improved sensitivity and erectile function. It worked by stimulating enzymes and natural antioxidant activity that directly affect penile tissue (as did the Viagra®). (x.114)

A number of turmeric compounds (including curcumin, eugenol, limonene, and quercetin) and also have antidepressant and/or anti-anxiety effects. They may also relieve mental stress, which could help boost libido. (x.313946-48105)

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