Research suggests topical curcumin gel or dietary supplements could help minimize scars.
Animal research suggests turmeric's compounds could not only help heal wounds faster, they may also reduce scarring

­Help Prevent Keloids and Other Scars with Turmeric

Animal research suggests turmeric's compounds could not only help heal wounds faster, they may also reduce scarring: (ix.119120)

  • According to a study supported by the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine, curcumin taken orally was comparable to growth factor and steroid injections in lessening scar formation. (ix.119)
  • Topical curcumin gel heals burn wounds quickly with little or no scarring. (ix.120)

How Can Turmeric Help?

Anti-Scarring Activity of Turmeric Compounds
Anti-Scar Effects Turmeric Compounds Importance

Curcumin & Curcuminoids (ix.4087121)

Protocatechuic acid (ix.15)

Quercetin (ix.38108)

Vitamin C (ix.1470)

During the healing process, fibroblast cells go to the wound site and make collagen to help rebuild tissue. After that fibroblast cells normally die in a non-inflammatory way (apoptosis). (ix.122)

If the fibroblasts do not die, they continue to produce collagen. Certain growth factors can encourage this abnormal behavior. This result in scarring, including keloid-type scars that go beyond the original wound site. (ix.122)

Studies suggest substances that promote fibroblast apoptosis can help prevent scarring. Blocking certain growth factors may also suppress keloid scars. (ix.108121122)

PhK enzymes are released right after an injury and can promote scarring. Blocking them may help prevent scars from developing. (ix.120)


(in an animal study, given by i.v. 1 hour and 24 hours after a burn) (ix.123)

Experts report that there is no therapy to stop burns from progressing from 2nd to 3rd degree (full thickness of the skin). (ix.123)

Full thickness burns cause more and worse scarring. (ix.123)

By regulating blood vessel constriction. (ix.123)
Such as IGF-1, SMAD, and TGF-β1. (ix.98121)

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