Research suggests turmeric compounds may help women with healthy aging.

Top 6 Reasons for Mature Women to Take Turmeric

  1. Balance hormones: Hormone levels fluctuate through the pre-menopause, menopausal, and post-menopause years. Imbalance can increase risks of disease and causes symptoms of menopause. Turmeric helps regulate all the estrogen hormones and it also helps balance testosterone levels. Turmeric compounds may also help improve mood and libido while reducing hot flashes. (x.61422233985868993121-123)
  2. Bone and joint health: Preclinical studies suggest turmeric compounds can help protect against bone loss related to lower estrogen levels. Turmeric's curcumin compounds have been clinically proven to relieve arthritis and other joint condition symptoms (including scoliosis). (x.8124125)
  3. Shrink fibroids: A common condition in women, fibroid symptoms can range from none to extremely painful. Clinical research shows that turmeric combined with other herbs can help drugs used to shrink fibroids work even better. (x.53)

  4. Reduce risk of breast cancer: Increased age, body weight, and fat cell hormones are all linked to higher risk of breast cancer and its progression. Anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory turmeric compounds can help prevent and treat metabolic syndrome conditions, suppress fat hormones, and even help treat breast cancer(x.14126-128)
  5. Lose weight: Getting to a healthy body weight is often more difficult as we get older, especially if you're pre-diabetic. Clinical trials in postmenopausal and pre-diabetic patients show that turmeric's curcumin compounds could help with weight loss. More importantly, turmeric compounds can also help prevent and treat conditions linked to being overweight - such as diabetes and heart disease(x.14129)
  6. Beautiful skin: Years of exposure to UV radiation from the sun, environmental toxins, and even poor diet can damage skin. Turmeric has dozens of anti-aging compounds that can both protect against and minimize wrinkles, dry and sagging skin, and uneven skin tone(x.3145108130-136)

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