Turmeric Provides Safe and Effective Treatment for Chronic Uveitis

Clinical studies show that turmeric compounds are an effective and safe treatment option for chronic uveitis. Chronic uveitis is an inflammatory eye condition that can cause blindness. Symptoms include: (viii.157)

  • Pain.
  • Reddened eyes.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Loss of vision.
  • Seeing dark spots.

Who is at Risk of Developing Uveitis?

Although experts don't know the exact cause of uveitis, some possible risk factors include: (viii.157)

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Evidence of Benefit

Conventional treatment is typically with corticosteroids. Steroids are known to have potential adverse side effects. According to several clinical studies, turmeric compounds could provide an effective natural treatment option. (viii.157-159)

The clinical trial involved over 100 patients with recurring chronic uveitis. Patients were given Norflo® twice a day for 12 months. Norflo® is a pharmaceutical preparation containing 600 mg of a curcumin-lipid compound called Meriva. Not only did the turmeric compound relieve symptoms, it also prevented relapse. (viii.159)

The study did not include a group of patients who took a placebo for comparison. However, the researchers were able to compare the curcumin treatment to the previous two years of standard treatment. Prior to adding Norflo® to their treatment regimen, patients typically had 1-4 relapses a year. While taking the curcumin Norflo® preparation, total relapses for all patients were dramatically reduced from 275 recurrences to only 36. (viii.159)

Preclinical and clinical studies show that other turmeric compounds may also be beneficial in treating uveitis, including:

Animal studies also suggest that topical turmeric extracts may help reduce inflammation in uveitis. (viii.64160)

Referred to as floaters. (viii.157)

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