Turmeric Safety

Is Turmeric Safe to Use?

Both turmeric and its primary curcumin compounds are considered safe by the United States FDA and Europe's food authorities. But are there potential adverse side effects? (i.5964)

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Is it True that Turmeric Causes Stomach and Gallbladder Problems?

Find out why some experts suggest people with ulcers or gallstones might want to avoid turmeric.

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Can Turmeric Contribute to Iron Deficiency?

Learn more about how scientists tested the theory that turmeric would prevent absorption of this essential nutrient.

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Interactions of Turmeric Compounds with Chemotherapy and Other Medications

Some things to watch out for when taking turmeric and curcumin, and how turmeric enhances the effectiveness of certain drugs.

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Is Turmeric Safe for Pregnant Women to Use?

What do studies say about the safety of taking turmeric during pregnancy?

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Can Turmeric or Curcumin Increase the Risk of Birth Defects or Adverse Side Effects in Nursing Infants?

Turmeric and curcumin's safety has been tested in multiple animal studies. (i.95-96)

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  • Can Turmeric Cause Kidney Stones?
    Article Count:
    Turmeric is high in oxalates, compounds that could increase the risk of forming kidney stones. However, experts suggest there are good ways to eliminate the risks from oxalate-rich foods and spices without giving up their great nutritional benefits.  
  • Can Turmeric Cause Cancer?
    Article Count:
    Turmeric has been safely used for centuries as a spice and herbal medicine. Its curcumin compounds have successfully helped treat cancer at major research centers. So why are some researchers concerned curcumin from turmeric has a "dark side"? 

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