Turmeric Support and Solutions for Women's Health Concerns

Turmeric can help prevent or treat various conditions that affect women's health.
Fun Facts

From menstruation to menopause, research and tradition have shown that turmeric may help a woman stay healthy throughout the phases of her life. For example, did you know turmeric curcumin compounds might help prevent cervical cancer(x.1-3)

Other conditions that turmeric and its compounds may benefit include:

Turmeric may also help prevent diseases that are risk factors for conditions that are more prevalent or occur only in women:

Effects of Turmeric Compounds on Risk Factors for Female-Prevalent Diseases
Condition/Disease Risk Factor

Kidney stones (x.13)


Female infertility (x.15)



Pregnancy complications (x.15)



Toxic shock syndrome (x.16)

Effects of Staphylococcus aureus infection, preventing development of the potentially fatal syndrome. (x.16)

Breast cancer (x.17)

Obesity and excess body weight(x.141819)

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