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Clostridium perfringens

Table V.2: Bacillus subtilis

A gram positive bacterium, C. perfringens is found in beef and poultry dishes and is a common cause of food poisoning. The spores it produces can survive the heat of cooking and grow fairly quickly at room temperature (after 2 hours). Conditions that promote its growth are typically found in cafeterias and catered events, where large amounts of food kept warm (under 140° F) before they are eaten. It can cause: (v.86)

The elderly and very young children are most at risk of infection with C. perfringens(v.86)


Turmeric rhizome extract strongly inhibited 6 different strains of C. perfringens. In the same lab study curcumin had similar antibacterial effects. (v.72)

Research demonstrates that besides curcumin, individual compounds in turmeric also have antibacterial effects against C. perfringens. These include:

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