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Turmeric Compounds Promote Beneficial Anti-Obesity Hormone

Table VII.3: Turmeric Compounds Promote Beneficial Anti-Obesity Hormone
Turmeric Compounds Effect
Alpha-linolenic acid (vii.18, 36) ↑ Adiponectin
(Hormone secreted by fat cells)
Ar-turmerone (vii.20, 37-38)
Curcumin (vii.37-38)
Linoleic acid (vii.38-39)
Niacin (vii.22, 29)
Resveratrol (vii.27, 38)
Quercetin (vii.25, 38)
Vitamin E (vii.29, 38)
Whole turmeric extract (vii.37)
Metabolic Syndrome Diseases Involved
Why Is This Important?
  • Adiponectin stops fat cells from triggering proteins that promote inflammation. The chronic inflammation they cause disrupts normal metabolism. (vii.40)
  • Low adiponectin is linked to high levels of inflammatory markers (e.g., hs-CRP) found in patients with metabolic syndrome diseases. (vii.40)
  • Adiponectin reduces high levels of adhesion molecules that are involved in clogged arteries and cancer. (vii.1, 4)
  • By promoting insulin sensitivity, adiponectin can help control diabetes. (vii.40)
  • Even though fat cells produce adiponectin, the larger fat cells in obesity make less adiponectin. Instead, these larger fat cells produce inflammatory molecules (such as TNF-α). (vii.40)
  • Diabetes, cancer, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even psoriasis are all linked to low adiponectin levels. (vii.4, 40-41)
  • Adiponectin helps burn up free fatty acids. This reduces fatty deposits in the liver. (vii.1, 40)
Such as NF-κB, a transcription factor that triggers
genes to make other inflammatory proteins. (vii.1)
Atherosclerosis. (vii.1)

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