What Are Turmerone Compounds?

Turmerone compounds in the essential oil of turmeric give turmeric it's pungent smell.

Ar-turmerone, alpha-turmerone, and beta-turmerone are the primary components in the volatile oil of turmeric's rhizome. They help give turmeric its characteristic pungent smell. (ii.1710112026-33203)

What Are the Potential Health Benefits of Turmerone Compounds?

Research shows that turmerone compounds have a number of beneficial properties.

These include: (ii.1710112026-33203)

A bisabolane-type sesquiterpene (or sesquiterpenoid) compound. (ii.7)
In the lab, α-turmerone is more effective against these cancer cell lines than ar-turmerone. (ii.7)
An enzyme often involved in diseases such as cancer. (ii.28)
Specifically, xanthorrhizol, zingiberene, and ar-turmerone. (ii.33)

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