Turmeric Relieves Gas and Indigestion

Gas and Indigestion

Suffering from indigestion, bloating, and flatulence? Turmeric may help relieve the discomfort and embarrassment of these common gastrointestinal conditions. It's also thought to help reduce fatigue after eating. (vii.141-142)

How Does It Work?

Turmeric has a number of properties that suggest adding turmeric to your diet can help improve digestion. These include:

Some of the natural compounds in turmeric are also helpful in relieving acid reflux. Traditional herbal medicines suggest drinking raw turmeric juice to relieve both indigestion and heartburn. (vii.8, 141)

Evidence of Benefit

Turmeric contains compounds that research suggests can prevent and ease symptoms of gas and indigestion naturally. These include:

Table VII.23: Turmeric Compounds that Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Gas and Indigestion
Turmeric Compound What It Does

1,8-cineole (vii.29)

Stimulates secretion of digestive fluids. (vii.48)

Borneol (vii.20)

Systemic pain relief. (vii.48, 86)

Caffeic acid (vii.20)

Systemic pain relief. (vii.48, 86)

Camphor (vii.20, 47)

Cinnamic acid (vii.20)

Localized pain relief. (vii.48, 86)


  • Stops the formation of gas caused by bacterial toxins (that can also cause food poisoning) and foods. (vii.141, 143)
  • Increases activity of digestive enzymes in pancreas. (vii.144)

Eugenol (vii.20)

Germacrone (vii.20)

Systemic pain relief. (vii.48, 86)

Limonene (vii.20)

In human clinical studies, helped relieve symptoms of acid reflux. (vii.137)

Protocatechuic acid (vii.145)

Stimulates secretion of digestive fluids. (vii.48)

ρ-Cymene (vii.29)

Systemic pain relief. (vii.48, 86)


In a 1-week clinical trial, patients with indigestion, heartburn, and flatulence were randomly assigned to take 2 g/day of turmeric, an herbal blend, or a placebo. (vii.146)

Significantly more of those who took turmeric experienced relief than those who took the placebo. Turmeric performed the same as those who took the mixed-herb formula. (vii.146)

Vanillic acid (vii.20)

Relieves indigestion. (vii.48)

Zingiberene (vii.20)

Relieves gas. (vii.48)

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