Apples grapes and strawberries


Table II.18: Fisetin (ii.1975-82)

An antioxidant flavone-type of flavonoid, fisetin is also found in apples, cucumbers, grapes, green tea, mango, onion, and strawberries. These fisetin-containing foods may be able to help with thinning hair, prevent cancer and keloids, and treat cellulite.

  • Fisetin stimulates production of tumor suppressors while reversing activation of oncogenes that promote cancer growth. It also inhibits proteins involved in cancer cell multi-drug resistance to chemotherapy.
  • Helps trigger autophagy in cancer cells. This process breaks the malignant cells down and gets rid of them.
  • Lab studies show fisetin has toxic effects on prostate cancer cells.
  • Fisetin inhibits inflammatory enzymes that can oxidize the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. Preventing dopamine oxidation can limit the inflammation and free radical damage that contribute to Parkinson's disease.
  • Like curcumin, fisetin promotes longevity by helping stimulate or inhibiting certain protein activities in the body. These could help prevent diseases or conditions associated with aging.
Malus domestica(ii.82)
Camellia sinensis (green and black teas). (ii.15)
Mangifera indica(ii.82)
Allium cepa(ii.15)
Fragaria, a berry member of the rose family. (ii.82)

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