Herbal Turmeric Relief for Urinary Tract Condition

If you've got frequent urinary tract and bladder infections or kidney stones, you may be at risk for cystitis glandularis. Persistent infection can cause damage to the lining of the urinary tract that leads to this condition. (vii.275)

Figure VII.15: Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Tract

Figure VII.15: Kidney, Bladder, and Urinary Tract

Symptoms are similar to symptoms of the underlying infections. They include: (vii.275)

  • Frequent urination.
  • Increased urge to urinate.
  • Painful urination.
  • Blood in the urine.

Although benign, sometimes cystitis glandularis can lead to bladder cancer(vii.275)

Conventional treatment ranges from long-term antibiotic therapy to invasive procedures. Sometimes treatments fail to improve or resolve the condition. (vii.275)

Turmeric Helps When Conventional Treatments Fail

A recent 6 month clinical study showed that turmeric's curcumin compounds relieved symptoms in 10 of 14 patients. Of the 4 who didn't respond to curcumin treatment, 3 had intestinal cystitis glandularis and 1 had overactive bladder. (vii.275)

Low dosage curcumin solution was administered via a catheter to the bladder over a period of one hour. Treatment was given once per week for a month and then once a month for 2 more months. (vii.275)

During the remaining 3 months of the study, follow up with patients had significant symptom improvement in responders. Endoscopic examination showed tissue improvement as well. (vii.275)

Turmeric May Help Treat Resistant UTI Bacteria

People with an increased risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) (such as those with diabetes) are also at risk of persistent infection because of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Persistent and frequent UTIs can lead to cystitis glandularis. (vii.275-276)

Compounds in turmeric help relieve symptoms of cystitis glandularis. According to some studies, turmeric may also be able to help prevent the condition. Turmeric extracts were tested on urine samples from patients with diabetes and drug-resistant UTIs. (vii.275-276)

At concentrations of 0.4%, turmeric showed antibacterial activity against all 4 types of bacteria encountered (in order of prevalence): (vii.276)

Turmeric was most effective against the most common antibiotic-resistant bacteria causing UTIs (E. faecalis in both diabetic and non-diabetic women). (vii.276)

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