What Are Alpha-Phellandrene and Beta-Sesquiphellandrene Compounds?

Phellandrene compounds in turmeric may help treat stomach (duodenal) ulcers.

Phellandrene compounds are terpenoid-type phytochemicals abundant in the essential oils of turmeric leaf and rhizome. The concentration of phellandrene compounds found varies based on the country of origin, turmeric plant age, processing method, and on the part of the plant. For example, Nigerian C. longa has almost twice as much α-phellandrene as turmeric from Vietnam. Older plants had less phellandrene and water distillation of the leaves yields the most phellandrene-rich oils. (ii.111121520)

What Plants Contain Phellandrene Compounds?

Other herbs, fruits, and spices that contain phellandrenes include cinnamon, clary sage, dill, eucalyptus, garlic, ginger, lime, parsley, and sassafras. Many of these offer healthful benefits, too, whether used as a spice, as an herbal remedy (e.g., for fungal infections, preventing cancer, thinning hair, weight loss, or stress relief), aphrodisiac, or in aromatherapy(ii.111121520)

What Are the Potential Health Benefits of Phellandrene Compounds?

Research shows alpha-phellandrene and beta-sesquiphellandrene compounds exhibit properties that could help prevent and treat various health conditions: (ii.111121520)

Cinnamomum verum(ii.15)
Salvia sclarea(ii.15)
Anethum graveolens(ii.15)
Eucalyptus globulus(ii.15)
Allium sativum(ii.15)
Zingiber officinale(ii.15)
Citrus aurantifolia, C. medica(ii.15)
Petroselinum crispum, P. hortense(ii.15)
Sassafras albidum, S. officinale, S. variifolium(ii.15)

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