Medical Research Suggests Turmeric Beneficial for Health

What diseases can turmeric and curcumin help treat and prevent?

Research from around the world continues to demonstrate the healing properties of turmeric and its compounds—especially curcumin. Hundreds of modern lab and animal studies, as well as some human clinical trials, have already been conducted. Published results on turmeric go back as far as 1937. Most of these studies suggest that using turmeric can help keep you healthy or cure what ails you. (ii.45817)

Turmeric contains over 300 known compounds (including some essential vitamins and minerals). Many have documented health benefits, and scientists continue to discover more. (ii.45817)

Turmeric's Health Benefits Studied in Many Diseases

Turmeric's curcumin compounds became a focus of research in the 1980s. That's when scientists discovered curcumin's powerful antitumor properties. In fact, preclinical studies were so promising that multiple clinical trials involving patients were quickly set up to investigate curcumin's ability to treat and prevent different types of cancer. These clinical studies in cancer patients are currently underway at Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the University of Pennsylvania, and other renowned cancer research institutes(ii.173)

Healthful Properties of Turmeric and Turmeric Compounds

The benefits of turmeric aren't limited to treating or preventing cancer. Whole turmeric and turmeric's polyphenol compounds also exhibit other beneficial properties. These include: (ii.1726174175)

Ayurvedic Medicine

Which Diseases Has Turmeric Been Tested In?

These qualities could help prevent and treat many conditions besides cancer, such as:

Modern Medical Research of Turmeric Compounds
Alzheimer's disease (ii.136) Intestinal cancer (ii.173)
Asthma (ii.17176) Kidney disease (ii.17)
Bladder cancer (ii.177) Leukemia (ii.17)
Breast cancer (ii.5178) Liver cancer (ii.5)
Cataracts (ii.178) Liver disease (ii.176)
Cervical cancer (ii.173) Lung cancer (ii.173)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (ii.179) Lymphoma (ii.17)
Colorectal cancer (ii.5) Neurodegenerative diseases (ii.180)
Depression (ii.17) Oral cancer (ii.17)
Diabetes (ii.2178) Ovarian cancer (ii.181)
Diabetes-associated kidney disorders (ii.182) Pancreatic cancer (ii.5)
Endometriosis (ii.183) Parkinson's disease (ii.93)
Epstein-Barr virus (ii.17) Pituitary tumors (ii.93184)
Erectile dysfunction (ii.185) Prostate cancer (ii.5174)
Esophageal cancer (ii.173) Rheumatoid arthritis (ii.174178)
Fungal infections (ii.17) Snake bites (ii.26)
Gallstones (ii.52) Skin cancer (ii.178)
Gastrointestinal conditions (ii.178) Skin infections (ii.17)
Hair loss (ii.186187) Stomach cancer (ii.17)
Head and neck cancer (ii.173) Stomach ulcers (ii.17)
Heart disease (including high cholesterol(ii.17178) Toxic shock syndrome (ii.188)
Hepatitis C (ii.189) Tuberculosis (ii.17)
HIV (ii.2) Upper respiratory tract infections (ii.190)
Hypothyroidism (ii.17) Wounds and pressure ulcers (ii.17)
Indigestion (ii.17) Wrinkles (ii.17)
Infertility (male) (ii.17)  
Influenza and parainfluenza (ii.191192)  

In the United States and around the world. (i.173)
A common inherited neuromuscular disorder. (i.179)

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