Ways Turmeric Affects Your Immune System & Cell Activity

If you're interested in the more technical details on the specific ways turmeric compounds affect the immune system and cell activity, you can find out more here.

How Can Turmeric and Turmeric Compounds Help Enhance the Immune System and Cell Activity?

Learn about how specific proteins and enzymes cells produce affect health, and how turmeric compounds help regulate them. Warning: These articles contain more technical terminology and details.

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Table III.1: Transcription Factors and Co-Factors

First responders that trigger gene activity. (iii.2)

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Table III.2: Cytokines

Small proteins produced as part of the immune system response to illness or injury. (iii.5-632-36)

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Table III.3: Pro-Inflammatory Enzymes

Heavy-duty immune system responders to toxins and tumor cells. (iii.544)

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Table III.4: Cyclin Growth Cycle Proteins

Control switches for phases of the cell growth cycle. (iii.414)

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Table III.5: Growth Factors and Receptors

Proteins that promote cell proliferation. (iii.50-52)

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Table III.6: Adhesion Molecules

Holding cells together and helping them communicate. (iii.56)

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Table III.7: Protein Kinases

Enzymes that enhance, stimulate, or suppress other proteins. (iii.862)

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Types of Blood Cells

An easy chart showing the different categories and kinds of blood cells.

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