Turmeric Can Help Protect Male Fertility

Although fertility is usually thought of as a female problem, in fact men are found to have infertility in 30-40% of couples having difficulties attaining pregnancy. Low sperm count, abnormal sperm, and reduced ability of sperm to move are all signs of male infertility. (x.60105)

There are other factors besides low-testosterone to consider.

What Causes Male Infertility?

Healthy testosterone levels are important to male fertility, but low testosterone isn't the only factor that can impact a man's fertility. Other factors include: (x.105)

  • High levels of free radicals are found in 25-40% of men diagnosed with infertility. (x.60105)
  • Low thyroid hormone levels limit conception. (x.105)
  • Mental stress is linked to infertility. (x.105)
  • Toxins and certain medications can affect sperm health. (x.105115)
  • Varicocele, a varicose vein in the testicle, can block sperm. (x.105)

Compounds in Turmeric May Help

Table X.16: Turmeric Compounds that Could Reduce Risks of Male Infertility
Turmeric Form or Compound What It Does

Camphor (x.31)

    May restore reproductive function. (x.88109)


    May improve erectile dysfunction linked to diabetes. (x.116)

    Could reduce anxiety and depression. (x.3989)

    May protect reproductive glands against loss of function caused by the antimicrobial drug metronidazole. (x.115)

    Could limit free radical damage and boost antioxidant levels reduced by thyroid conditions. (x.117)

    May protect the male reproductive system from exposure to toxic chromium (VI), which is used in chrome-plating, dye, and leather industries. (x.76)

Eugenol (x.31)

    Anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects. (x.4042)

Limonene (x.31)

    Anti-anxiety effects may reduce stress. (x.42)

Quercetin (x.46)

    Antidepressant and anxiety relieving effects can reduce stress. (x.47-48)

Resveratrol (x.49)

    Antidepressant effects could relieve stress. (x.48)

Vitamin C (x.32)

    May help boost sperm count. (x.118)

    May prevent sperm from sticking together. (x.105)

    Could help boost antioxidant levels reduced by thyroid conditions and/or treatments. (x.117)

Vitamin E (x.32)

    Research shows vitamin E is important for fertility. (x.105)

    Could help boost antioxidant levels reduced by thyroid conditions and/or treatments. Works better with curcumin. (x.117)

Turmeric (whole)

    Could help prevent harmful changes in testosterone and antioxidant levels caused by nitrate pollutants. (x.119)

Chemo Caution

Lab studies suggest that turmeric's curcumin compounds could interfere with Bleomycin, a chemotherapy used on testicular cancer. It inhibits production of free radicals by the chemo drug and protects the cancer cells from death. (x.120)

In comparison, chromium III is the most common type in the environment and is a micronutrient. (x.29)

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